Lamp Posts

Holga shot, while I was driving.


  • Lynn Gallaro

    Hey Aislinn …. it’s Lynn Stuart’s friend.
    Stuart mentioned this week that you were showing some photos downtown and he sent me your website to check out and I am blown away ……….
    Everything is magnificent …. really!
    I have always been partial to photography as an art form …. tu l’a l’affaire, ma fille!!!
    Some are moody, some are sharp, some funny and others wild ……. I REALLY loved them. Bravo … keep it up and keep me posted on any future shows … I’d love to see them (and you) in person!
    Say hello to your mama & pop (loved their barn/pitchfork photo ……… I broke out in a huge grin when I saw that one) …. a bientot, ciao lg