Published in January RollingStone Magazine

This picture was published in the January RollingStone magazine with James Brown on the cover. In the New Artist to Watch section on page 22, you’ll find the awesome band and friends, The Slip. I had a great time shooting at the local barber shop with band members Andrew, Brad and Marc.

Check out the The Slip at and

Their new album is called Eisenhower – get it today.


  • Great shot and congrats on getting it published in such a high profile mag! I hope they credited you.

  • Roberto

    Nice photos.

    Add your site to

  • kasia

    Wow Aislinn, how much fun was THAT?? I love how the one guy is reflected twice in the mirror. Congratulations!

  • really fun concept and great light, good for you!

  • It’s a really cool shot. No wonder it was published !

  • Gringo

    I wouldn’t trust a barber with a shaved head.

  • I’m not sure if I’d let Marc cut my hair, but I’d let Aislinn take my picture! I think it’s “tricky” how you can see Marc’s reflections tunnel into the mirrors, but you don’t see the photographer or the camera. The sepia tone of the wardrobe and setting is also “old school” and makes me think about BAM’s roots. Somehow I’m reminded of Allston here (home of the Red House…some Slip trivia). Great work and congratulations!