Gathered explores the aura of memory and the act of archiving through photography and installations. The work is a reflection on femininity and the inter-dependencies within the family. Through the installations, there is an attempt to re-interpret the undertaking of domestic tasks along with the idea of the home and the body.

I collect clothing, sheets and blankets belonging to my family and manually deconstruct the garments by cutting, tearing or unravelling to then create the installations as physical objects or to exist as photographs. Through this process, these possessions shift in form and meaning but more importantly become a physical exploration of relationships and time.

These raw materials will inevitably disintegrate, leaving abstract subtleties – an intimate history of touch, memory and scent – archived in the work.

This archiving process, questions what stories and objects we choose to preserve, re-imagine or forget entirely, to then consider our resultant attachment to objects as carriers of physical memories. Our ability to re-visit a time through discarded possessions may act as an unspoken remembering, a possible preparation or groundwork for significant moments to come.